This is your last toiletry bag

Sustainable, hygienic and 100% Vegan.

With detachable and machine-washable lining

This is your last toiletry bag


 At Bon Voy we believe that toiletry bags deserve respect as they hold our most vital possessions.  Effortlessly stylish, The Bon Voy Bag was created with a detachable and machine-washable lining to be your trusty companion at home and away. 

Sustainable, Hygieniec and 100% Vegan.

Store your essentials hassle-free

We’ve likely all been there: the dreaded moment when you realize your face wash and shampoo has fully exploded in your toiletry bag. We’re here to tell you: there is a solution to this dirty issue

we made keeping your toiletry bag clean an easy job

Your toiletry bag is full of bacterias. We have solved this dirty issue by adding a removable, machine-washable lining to our toiletry bags. 

It`s time to redefine the beauty bag industry

What you said

It`s so spacious, I went from two toiletry bags to one. 


The mother of beauty bags


Don`t know how many times I have sworn over the mess in my toiletry bag; this is genius!