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Refund Policy and Return Policy

Do you want to return or exchange your purchased goods? No problem!

Due to holiday and gift season we extended our return and exchange period. It means that you can return or exchange unconsumed products up to 45 days after you received your gods.

How do I return a product?

  1. To return an item, proceed as follows:
    1. Send an email to
    Please provide us with: 
    - Order number
    - If you want, your reason for return 
    - When we received this info from you we will send you a return label so you can drop off your parcel at your nearest pick-up location. 

Do I have to pay for return shipping? 

No, all returns and exhanges are free of charge. 

As soon as the product has been returned in good condition to our warehouse, we will do a refund to the account that you used when you bought the product. 

  • Exchanges
    To exchange an item, proceed as follows:
    Send an email to
    Please provide us with: 
    - Order number
    - What you want to change to
    When we received this info we will send out the new product to you together with a return label for the old one.