What to bring in your toiletry bag when only travelling with hand luggage

What to bring in your toiletry bag when only travelling with hand luggage

Buying travel packages/travel bags and putting in your toiletry bag is a common thing to do for those who only travel with hand luggage.

The disadvantage by doing this is that the products you use daily may not be in travel packaging and may, therefore, tend to buy another brand, which they may never have tried before. Testing new products is fun, but during a short journey when you want everything to work smooth, it is not the right time.

Instead, buy empty travel packages and use them to fill with your regular products.

Choose a toilet bag in the appropriate size, large enough to fit the most important stuff but small enough to fit in your hand luggage/handbag.

1. Prioritise moisture and products that boost glow, during your travel skin easily end up dry. Therefore, bring the products that give you a quick moisture boost such as acid, toner and a night mask.

2. Always bring a facial mist, which you can advantageously use before, during and after the flight to minimise the risk of getting dry.

3. Even if you want to, do not bring all your make up. The large eyeshadow palette that you only used once is unnecessary to bring. Instead, choose a base eye shadow and one with a darker colour for the evening

4. A good base in the form of foundation, fixation powder and blush.

5. Eyebrow pencil, mascara to give you a fresh look every day.

6. Deodorant, perfume.

Did something break in your toilet bag during the trip? The air pressure in an aircraft can sometimes cause packaging to burst.

Do not worry about it; there are toiletry bags with removable and washable inside; you take out the inside and wash it quickly, either by hand or in a machine. Easy as that, no more fuss.