Small toiletry bag or large toiletry bag?

Which type of toilet bag should you choose?

A chic and practical toiletry bag is an excellent investment and a rescuer during your travel.

What kind of toilet bag should you choose?

Think about what the bag should be used for. Do you want to store makeup and brushes in it during your city weekend or should it be a little more practical bag that holds half a bathroom? Start from the needs you have when you choose the toilet bag that is suitable for you.

Small toilet bags - perfect as makeup bags

A small toiletry bag for the most necessary will easily fit into the purse. Here you can quickly bring your favourite products neatly and easily!

Large toiletry bag - practical on the long journey

For the long journey, you need a larger bag that holds all of your belongings. You do not want to end up with a plastic bag as an extra toilet bag.

Take the hygiene factor into consideration when you chose a makeup bag. Do you want the possibility to wash your toiletry bag? Dirt and bacteria can quickly end up inside your makeup bag, and it can be hard to get rid of by just wiping it off