How to clean your toiletry bag

How to clean your toiletry bag
 Keeping your makeup bag clean is a challenge. Over time the spills and smudges accumulate and can’t be ignored anymore. Let’s face the truth: Your makeup bag is most likely full of with bacterias and dirt. And the fact that this is where you store all the stuff you put on your face is pretty disgusting, right?

But there are ways to get it back in decent shape. We’ll show you some quick and simple ideas on how to clean it up.

Bag-Cleaning Basics

How you should clean your toiletry bag depends mainly on the material of the toiletry bag washing detergent.

If your bag is a bit more durable, toss it into a mesh bag (to protect zippers) and put it in your washing machine, on the gentle wash cycle. In all cases, it’s best to air-dry your bag to avoid the potentially damaging high heat of a dryer.

If your bag is made of plastic or plastic-like material, wiping it down is the way to go.

To make sure your bag is disinfected, follow up with an alcohol-based cleansing and make sure it’s scorched before you put makeup back inside. Otherwise, bacterias will continue growing.

Next time you buy a new makeup bag

Pick a makeup bag that has a bright lining; bacterias tend to like it more if it`s a dark area.

To never have to bother about trying to wipe your makeup bag clean again. Buy a makeup bag with a removable lining that can quickly be taken out and washed in the machine. By doing this, you are guaranteed that stubborn bacterias and stains will disappear.